Studio Policies

In order to foster a nurturing and productive environment for student, parent, and teacher, I have created the following studio policies for my private studio.

Beckman Violin Studio Policies 2022-2023

Welcome to the Beckman Violin Studio! I am looking forward to exploring the wonderful world of music with you. Please read the following policies carefully. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Academic Year, Location, and Rates

The 2022-23 academic year runs from September 12, 2022 through June 16, 2023. During that period there will be 27 lesson weeks. Tuition for lessons is divided by 9 months and includes a non-refundable group class and recital fee of $250 per student. Tuition is due by cash or check at the first lesson of each month, September through June, excluding December. Summer lessons are available on an individual, per-lesson basis. For new students starting in January or later, there is a one-time $50 fee to compensate for the missing recital portion of the group class/recital fee paid by others in tuition earlier in the year.

Locations and hours:                    Mondays and Fridays 1-5 pm
                                        Wednesdays 1-5:30 pm 
                                        Beckman Studio, NE Olympia                                  
                                        Tuesdays 1-5:30 pm
                                        R. L. Ray’s Violin Shop
                                        925 State Avenue, Olympia, WA 98506
Monthly Tuition Rates for 2022-2023:    15 minutes: $88
                                        30 minutes: $133
                                        45 minutes: $193
Summer Individual Lesson Rates:         15 minutes: $20
                                        30 minutes: $35
                                        45 minutes: $55
Mid-year start fee:                     $50 per student, due with first            
                                        tuition payment
Group Classes
More-or-less monthly classes will be held on Tuesdays from 6:30-7:30 pm (Pre-twinklers and students 5 and younger released at 7 pm). Group classes will be held at a private home in SE Olympia. Attendance at a minimum of 5 group classes is expected. Group classes are a fundamental part of the Suzuki method and philosophy and are an opportunity for children to make friends, to hear (and be inspired by) more advanced students and repertoire, to explore extra-curricular musical subjects such as music history, and to learn and hone ensemble skills such as following a leader, being the leader, and working together as a musical team. They are also fun! Fees for group class are included in tuition and are non-refundable.
Group Classes for 2022-2023:
October 4, 2022
November 1, 2022
January 3, 2023
February 14, 2023
March 7, 2023
April 18, 2023
May 9, 2023
June 13, 2023 (End-of-year party at the park!)
There will one solo recital in May, 2023. Exact date and location TBD.
Teacher Communication
I rely on email to communicate essential information such as reminders of my travel schedule, announcements of studio activities, cancellation due to illness, etc.. I will give verbal reminders at lessons of planned absences or activities as well, but please check your email regularly so you don’t miss any important or last-minute updates.
Expectations for Lessons
I strive to foster a positive and fun lesson environment, but I also expect students and parents to be diligent and to take the study of music seriously. To that end, I ask the following of all students and their families:
  • Please arrive for your lesson about 5 minutes early in order to have time to get ready (e.g. unpack, use the bathroom, etc.) so that your lesson can start at our scheduled time. Please unpack in the lobby or living room and come into the studio when you are ready.
  • I expect students to come to their lessons prepared, having practiced all the points assigned in the previous lessons. We may not have time to cover every point in every lesson, but I will expect home practice on all points to continue.
  • I expect parents to be active observers of the lesson and to bring with them a notebook for taking notes during the lesson. Students ages 4th grade and up may attend lessons alone.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices may only be used for activities pertaining to the lesson (for taking pictures of correct posture, videos of a song or game, etc.) or if there is an extenuating circumstance and I have pre-approved their use.
  • Siblings are welcome to come to lessons as long as they can sit quietly and entertain themselves (as appropriate for their age) with drawing, reading, or other such non-technological activities. They may also watch the lesson and possibly even participate at times.
Teacher Performance and Holiday Schedule
I maintain a busy performing schedule as a baroque violinist and frequently travel to perform with ensembles in other cities. Dates when I will be gone (see below) have been factored into the academic year. In the event that I accept additional performing work during the course of the year, I will make every attempt to give each student their full 27 lessons through rescheduling as necessary. If lessons cannot be rescheduled during the regular academic year, the price of missed lessons will be credited towards summer lessons. Lesson credit is forfeited if not used before the start of the following academic year.
The studio will follow the Olympia School District calendar for major holidays and breaks.
Holidays and teacher performance weeks (as of August 2, 2022):
September 19-23, 2022
October 24-28, 2022
November 7-11, 2022
November 23-25, 2022 (Thanksgiving Holiday)
December 5-16, 2022
*December 19, 2022 – January 2, 2023 (Winter Break)
January 16-20, 2023
February 6-10, 2023
February 20-21, 2023 (Midwinter Break)
#March 14-17, 2023
April 3-7, 2023 (Spring Break)
April 10-14, 2023
+May 29, 2023 (Memorial Day)
*,# Monday lessons missed on January 2 will be made up on Monday, March 13
+ Monday lessons missed on May 29 will be made up during the summer.
Make-Up Policy
ACADEMIC YEAR: Lessons missed due to illness or family emergency will be made up at a mutually agreeable time if I am notified before the lesson. Lessons missed for any other reason or without prior notice will not be made up. No refund will be given for missed lessons.
SUMMER: There will be no charge for lessons cancelled at least 48 hours in advance. Lessons cancelled less than 48 hours in advance will be charged the full amount.
TEACHER CANCELLATION: I have small children, and they (and by extension, I) sometimes get sick. In the event that I must cancel lessons due to illness, I will deduct the individual lesson price of the missed lesson from the next month’s tuition.
Thank you for your diligence in reading these policies. I hope that our collective adherence to them will enable us all to to more fully enjoy the wonderful fun that is the study of violin. I look forward to our year together!